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Luz Hard at Work

Double Trouble

Smiles all around for Derneshia and Kayla.

Civic Center Library Profile

Janay getting foorage for the Civic Center Library profile.

Wacky Webstar

Nasima being silly.

Mercedes Posing

Mercedes posing for the camera.

Janay and Mercedes

Janay and Mercedes at their work stations.

Civic Center Profile

Janay filming the Civic Center Library profile.

Webstars @ Maker Camp

Webstars @ Google Maker Camp

Webstars @ Maker Camp

Nasima and Janay building a rocket launcher.



Here are some useful links (They will be updated on a regular basis, so check back often!):


Marin County Free Library - The website for the Marin County Library system. read blogs, look at pictures, check out eBooks, interact with your local library like never before.

GCFLearnFree - Computer training site with a wide variety of curriculum. This site can be used for self-paced learning or WebStar assisted learning. This is the curriculum used for the Library classes.

AustinFree.net - Another site that can be used for self-paced learning or WebStar assisted learning.

MindFlash.com - Paid online training site w/ links to free basic training resources.

Launch.com - Music and video site where you can listen to the latest music and videos.

SoundClick - Site where you can find up and coming bands and groups. You can also listen to custom beats made by different individuals. You can just listen or upload your own music.

Marin City Health & Wellness Center - Local health clinic.

Women Helping All People (WHAP) - A local agency that serves the community in a variety of ways. They have a computer center for classes, as well as other programs.

Marin City Community Services District - The local government of Marin City

High School Hub - an easy answer to all your homework problems. The High School Hub has help in almost every subject high school kids take.

GoMath - is an internet site that helps you with your math homework. They have professional math tutors that break down the math problems you type in, within 24 hours.

FirstGov- An easy way to access many government websites. 

Health Finder - if you have any questions about your health

MSN Games and Cartoons - Do crossword puzzles, play board and card games, or find your favorite comics and political cartoons.

Tamalpais High School

Redwood High School

The Branson School

College Board - Helping High School Students find that perfect college. The College Board has a step-by-step preparation plan on deciding what the best college is for you.

The Techie One - Computer repair, website design, network installation and troubleshooting.

Vogue - One of the top industries in the fashion business.

MaxPreps - A High School Sports website, with team stats and standings from different teams in California. 

Yahoo Chat - a site that has different links to different types of chats

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - Financial aid for college students. You can apply for grants, loans, and work-study.

Crimes -history on different crimes

Crime Prevention - information on how to prevent crimes



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