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The Webstars is a paid youth internship program in Marin County. Founded in 1999 at the Marin City Library, the program now provides hands-on training and work experience at three locations, West Marin, South Novato, and Marin City.

Through Webstars, teen interns build skills they need to pursue careers in technology, libraries, and STEM education. Webstars learn facilitation/tutoring skills, job skills, Design Thinking, process-based learning, maker tools, program design, and emerging media including 3D printing, VR, and coding. While onsite, they serve as technology tutors at the library, facilitate and design maker and STEM education activities, and demonstrate virtual/augmented reality for visitors of all ages.

At South Novato:

Interns working at the South Novato Location will be working primarily inside of “The Shop” which is a space located directly adjacent to the South Novato Library for the public to use during for a variety of crafts including sewing, painting, woodworking and more. Interns working here will primarily be assisting patrons with their projects and teaching them how to use the space. Patrons range in all ages and it is important for interns to know how to interact with all of them. We do not require you to already know any of these skills before applying, we just ask that you are willing to learn.

Important information:
The Shop can be a loud and dusty space at times. For any questions about working here please email 

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