Lebron James Demigod Build 2k20!!!!!!


Since NBA2K20 came out I've been very picky about what build I want to create. I started with an SG James Harden build which in my opinion turned out to be a huge bust. But I was scavenging through Youtube trying to find the build that I'm interested in, I finally came across this video posted by famous Youtuber (JoeKnows). The video showed directions on how to create a Lebron James build and I just went for it. I went back to 2K created the build-in my career, bought some VC and I was ready to give it a go. I was about a 74 overall when my career started and it was a rough start I averaged only 9.3 points,2.3 assists, 1.8 rebs, and 0.8 steals. I felt like giving up I started thinking 2k20 just wasn't for me. Until my friend helped out, he agreed to buy me a 25$ Playstation card for 2k20. I bought more VC and you don't understand how "GOATED" my player became. I went from a 74 overall to an 84 overall. I went from missed layups to jellies all day " FILLAYYYYYY", I went from missed dunks to catching lobs like Shaq from Penny Hardaway. You gain a total of 61 Badges. I now strongly recommend everyone to create this build.