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Red Dead Redemption 2 Moonshine!!!!!


Red Dead Online’s latest update is focused on moonshine, illegal booze crafted by folks in hidden stills deep in the woods. In this new update, players make and sell moonshine, take out the competition and even get revenge on the government goons trying to stop them. To purchase a moonshine shack you must first complete a delivery in the trader role with Cripps.

Lebron James Demigod Build 2k20!!!!!!


Since NBA2K20 came out I've been very picky about what build I want to create. I started with an SG James Harden build which in my opinion turned out to be a huge bust. But I was scavenging through Youtube trying to find the build that I'm interested in, I finally came across this video posted by famous Youtuber (JoeKnows).

5th day of school


So Im five days into my junior year and I like it so far. Everyone says junior year is very hard but the hard part hasn't hit me yet im kind of worried when it is though. So far the classes i have are AP (advance placement) English comp, Us History 1-2, Academic Workshop, Spanish 3-4, Ceramics 2-3, Geometry 1-2, and Marine Biology.



My summer so far has really been boring ive worked most of the time and during my down time i still had nothing to do it was bad all around. The best summer hands down was Summer of 2016. I was in 8th Grade with no worries just intentions of eating snacks and playing video games. So far no summer iv had can compare to that one.