2k Talk:Kevin Love or Dennis Rodman???


Who would you rather have on your team today? Rodman: The fundamental offensive guy who threw some of the best outlets passes, lane passes, and set great picks, with a big lack of scoring. Played GREAT defense, and GOAT rebounding...

Or would you rather have the man Love: who throws good outlet passes, good 3 point shooter with good offensive game and a great rebounder with poor defense. 

Me personally i would rather have Dennis Rodman a guy who could shut your best big down while still grabbing rebounds. Kevin love might have been better offensively but everywhere else it was definitely Rodman hands down. Rodman can not only guard your best big man he could guard anyone who comes in his way. Love can clearly do more things. But so could a lot of players that I wouldn't trade Rodman for. Doing more things doesn't mean the things he does impact the game more than Rodman doing what he does better. Rodman is also arguably one of the best rebounders of all time. Kevin love has one ring while Dennis Rodman has 5. Kevin love has made 5 all star games, Dennis Rodman hs made only 2. Dennis Rodman has mde all defensive 1st team 7 times, Kevin love has 0 , Dennis Rodman has also been selected for defensive player of the year 2 times while Kevin love has 0. Dennis Rodman has been rebound leader 7 times, while kevin love has only been rebound leader 1 time. Kevin love also averaged 18.3 ppg while Dennis Rodman only averaged 7.3 ppg. There are more stats proving that Dennis Rodman is and was a better player. That's all for today folks on 2ktalk thank you and stay tuned in for next time.

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