2k Talk: Vince ( Vinsanity) Carter Vs Julius ( Dr. J) Erving


Battle of the High Flyers.


Can you imagine the number of spectacular high-flying plays that this game would produce? Julius Erving and Vince Carter have both provided fans with some of the most incredible highlights in the history of basketball. These guys werent just good at dunking they were combo guards who can posterize you and shoot in your face but scoring wise i have to give it to Dr. J. Vince is a huge scorer but still a step below Julius, more consistent and better performer. Erving never went below 16pts average! unlike Vince carter during the 04-05 season. But when it comes to leadership and Versatility i have give it to Vinsanity don't get me wrong Julius is an excellent leader but has been better surrounded than Vince, often lonely despite a few high profile with Jason Kidd. Vince Carter has often had to hold the house alone, something he has done rather well.

Julius Erving was selected to 11 All star games, 7 All NBA teams, 5 All NBA first teams, 1 NBA championship, and  1 season MVP and overall of his whole career he Averaged 22ppg, 6 rebs, 4 assist, 1 steal and 1 block.

Vince carter has Been awarded to 8 All star games, 2 All NBA teams and 1 rookie of the year. Overall of his whole career he averaged 17ppg, 4 rebs , 3 assist and 1 steal.

Stats and champion ship wise Dr.j Wins and thats all for todays 2k talk stay tuned in for next time.


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