Dallas Cowboys

If u don't like the Cowboys get off my website. If you do, unfortunately we lost to the Eagles on Sunday but the Cowboys are ranked 2nd in the league behind the Patriots. Ezekiel Elliot stands to break Eric Dickerson's 33 year old rushing record of 1,808 rushing yards. Dak Prescott also joined Dan Marino and Russell Wilson as the only rookie Quarterbacks in the NFL to throw multiple touchdown passes in five consecutive games. Thanks to Tony Romo stepping down as the quarterback which i most certainly commend him on, we are number one in the NFC. The Dallas Cowboys can take Super Bowl LI.

UFC 200: Jon Jones throws away 8 Figure Pay Day

In 2008 I believed in the the name Jon Jones. I was in Miami and my uncle was telling me about a man who stopped a robbery in progress and then went on to win the light heavy weight title in the UFC. At that time I was only eight and he seemed like a super hero. As the years progressed, Jon Jones began to make a name for himself by defeating formidable opponents almost immediately after they stepped in the octagon.  Also by hit and runs,drag racing, and now he's tested positive for two substances and was not able to fight in the UFC 200.