So guys I have decided to buy it. This game is actually a game I have been wanting for a while now and I finally bought it. This game costs me 59.99$ and to me I don't think that's that bad for a game especially an new one. This game Is about a post apocolyptic world were there is raging zombies and werewovles that can hunt you. This game is crazy but I love it ever since the tv series The Walking Dead came out and I watches most of the seasons I have been obessed with zombie movies and games they are just so fun to me. So what you guys really came for  was what I think about the game. So what I like about the game is the very realistic feel and storyline rockstar games always seems to captivate. So as for the graphics aspect of this game I think the graphics are pretty great if you asked me to rate it I would probally says it's a 8/10 merely because there are tiny glitches/bugs in the game that I have noticed while playing this game but the were minor and overall the game runs very smooth. I would reccoment you guys to buy this game because it's very fun and interactive.

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