My Top Fives

1.) Here is my number 1 favorite video game of all time Grand theft auto five I like this game because of it features a very unique and capturing story mode and visual graphics and the driving aspect of the game.


2.) My 2nd favorite game is the Sims 4 this game is a favorite throwback of mine I have been playing this game since childhood, I like this game because of the endless freedom you get as the player because everything you do is up to you, it's a free roaming type of game where you can create your very own person or animal that you want to live with you.


3.) My 3rd favorite video game is Friday the 13th this is a horror game I like it because it's very challenging to run and hide from Jason the killer you can also be Jason the killer.


4.) My 4th favorite game is Beyond two souls this game is fairly new to me but I played the demo and fell in love with the intricate game play of this game, It's so interesting because you can play as the Jodie the main character of the game but you also can switch to playing soul of her and control a ghost.


5.) My last favorite video game is Red Dead redemption two this game is fun and challenging, the setting of the game takes place in the wild west it's a very country orientated story lined game. It's fun because instead of vehicles you ride horses it's a very nature involved olden times game. Which is a very different to the community of gamer's .



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