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 Welcome to my Photoshop page here I will show you my Photoshop creations that I have worked very hard on!


1) Here I was challenged to input a image to the background of this billboard and create and title and add a filter.


 2)For this one I changed the filters and make the sky appear more vivid and dark.


3) So here I had to use the blur tool and the pen tool to create a artistic look with these green plants and flowers to make them more vibrant.


4) This photoshop piece I basically creating a eight word slogan that basically describes me! 


5) This one it think is my favorite because of how I adjusted the lighting effects and filters.


6) This piece was originally green grass two green apples and a yellow banana but I adjusted the color contrast to as certain degree to make it appear very retro and cool looking as you can see.


7) Here is one of my best photoshop pieces ever I think here a created a magazine cover of rihanna.