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Hey guys I'm back once again and I'm here to let you guys know about the new maxis update coming out on PC and console. It's the the creation of story where EA lets you pick a character where you can ask questions and follow and storyline about how you want to live your sims life. I think that's so so cool it really lets you be free and customize you sims. I really want my game back and this update seem really cool I can't wait to start playing it and see how it plays out for me. Also EA updated the looks aspect of the game in which case I HATE! it's so old looking and bright it's almost hurts your eyes if you look at it for too long. I honestly don't know why EA did this I suppose it was just for a new look to bring people out of the boringness with the game and into the fun of it. I have found my self really bored with the game after a while so I am happy for the story mode update I would love to try it out. The only thing is I don't like the new update on the whole game which is like the layout of greens,blue's  it's just ugly to me I like the white backgrounds way better.

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