Yikes.. So uh this is a different blog post eh. So yeah I'm sorry for not having a normal interesting game update for you guys this week things have been a little hectic. So shall I explain so basically what had happened was I bought the game Day Gone right and so yeah I am actually really happy with my purchase and don't regret it like I do sometimes buying games and stuff. Days Gone is $59.99 just in case any of you were wondering so yeah I bought that game with intentions to play it yeah whatever but I soon realized that I needed that back and so I went ahead and filed a dispute which in my mind was the right thing to do to get my money back but the wrong thing to do if I want to play any of my video games. So long story short I got in contact with Sony and they told me that I get can get a ban lifted if you just pay back what you owe. So after hearing all of that I was very relaxed and happy to hear that. So I am just waiting to get some extra cash so I can play my game again because I do miss it. So yeah and I'm also mad at the fact that Sony locked all of my other games and not just days gone. so yeah sorry for this boring and not so enjoying blog post I will mostly likely update ya'll and let's hope I get my games back.

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