Hey guys hows it going? good okay New update I'm playing the Sims 4 and they just updated it and we have a new expansion pack Get Famous!!


Thoughts: So my overall opinion on this new expansion pack is that it is a good game and I like it. It's fun and I love how EA made it so where you can pursue a acting career and become a global celebrity it's very cool and realistic in my opinion. I love that you can be playing and walk down the street and the paparazzi will crowd you with fans and pictures. When I first bought the pack the first thing that I did was edit this celebrity named Judith Ward and I made her house completely decked out with gold everything and white everything, I lover her mansion it's very fancy and expensive just her taste. I also edited the city of Del Sol Valley and placed a starbucks coffee shop in there and a dennyies restaurant as well.

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