If You Don't Know, Now You Know!

Just to let you guys know I am a professional stunt double!

I have been featured in countless movies but my favorite of all time was




Leonardo was a sweetheart and was very professional.


Here are some screen shots of my performance...

Le Future


I've been accepted into two schools so far and denied from one, but that's no biggie.


I got into San Francisco State University (Public)

and University of the Pacific (Private)

Le Music Video

For AIM we have to make a music video. The only obstruction is that the song cant already have a music video.

There are plenty of songs without videos, but is it a good song with a story...

Well.. I dont know yet. I've been all over the internet looking for music and havent had much success.

However, I've found some songs I find intersting. Have a listen....


The booth at the end


Serial Killer


i like


I am officially a second semester senior at Tamalpais High School!

I've pretty much completed all my college applications excepts for one or two.

Im looking into Historical Black Colleges now.. hopefully I'll get into at least one of them.

Number one is Morgan State Universtiy in Maryland.

Number two is Howard University in D.C.


I love puppies. They are very cute.

Their eyes are so big and their ears are so floppy.

I really want to adopt a puppy.

I was actually looking into adopting a puppy,

but I couldn't adopt it because it would get too big.

So I'm here now... writing about puppies. 


We finally finished the project and personally.. i think it turned out horribly.

I dont think the movie had any story and it was on the borring side. 

Now, to add more fuel to the fire... we have to make another movie in January for the Prison Guards

because we used so much of their time and we have a lot of footage so we kind of have to.


Half Empty pt. 3


Okay my project actually has a chance. We had our last interview yesterday and it went perfectly. We got plenty of b-roll and Jody was so adorable and she said the best things. 


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