After we visited countries in Europe, My family went to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage. we landed in Mecca around 2 in the morning and as soon we got to the hotel we got ready to had out to Masjid al-Haram, which is the most significant mosque for a Muslim. As a Muslim we pray toward the Kaaba, which is a building at the center of Islam's most important mosque, Al-Masjid Al-Ḥaram, in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is the most sacred site in Islam. First we circled the kaaba 7 times while reciting prayers, then we walk from Safa to Marwa. Safa and Marwa are two mountains which we walk to 7 times. The reaso why we do this is because Ibrahim is the Prophet of Allah and He must fulfill the orders of His Lord. So He left His wife and child in desert alone with a jug of water. When the jug of water ended infant Ismail was crying for water than her mother complete seven rounds between the Safa and Marwa for the seeking of water and at certain place from where She couldn’t able to see Her son, She ran fast. This act of Bibi Hajra is accepted by Allah and all the Pilgrims from that time till the day of judgment are ordered to complete seven rounds between Safa and Marwa in the memory and sacrifice of Bibi Hajra in every Umrah. Even the portion where Bibi Hajra ran between Safa and Marwa, Pilgrims are ordered to run. These seven rounds between Safa and Marwa is called Sai. This was the reason which make two ordinary Hills the sacred and Holy places of Muslims. After we completed this we had to shave our heads as a sacrifice to god. We stayed in mecca for a few more days before heading to Medina. In medina we went to the prophets mosque and visited his grave. The city of Mecca and medina were one the most beautiful cities i have ever seen. Before heading home we went shopping and the food their was amazing. if I was able to go again i would in a heartbeat.