My sophomore year my English class took a field trip to San Francisco Museum Of Modern Arts. We took a Marin Airporter to the museum. It was a fun bus ride because someone brought their speaker and were playing music and everyone was just having a good time. Once we got to the museum we had to break up into groups. I got lucky because my group was with all my friends and homies. Some of the art there was so basic and plain as if a non-artist could paint it too. There was this one painting that was just a canvas wit orange paint cover the whole thing. I found some of the painting bizarre because they weren't that good, but paintings really caught my eye because of the texture, and style of the artist really intrigued me. Around 12 was when we had our lunch, me and my friends decided to go get some pizza from a restaurant near by the museum. After lunch our teacher gave us a scavenger hunt, on the paper were paints you and your group had to find. my group came in third out of 7 groups.