The night of new years my cousins and i decided to go out to celebrate. The morning after my family including my parents, sister and grandma had a flight to Switzerland. Coming wit us is my cousins family including his parents and sister. We had a long and tiring flight there but once we landed it was all worth it. As soon as we got out the airport and in a taxi to our hotel is stayed snowing. We knew that it was going top be cold but we didn't expect there to be snow. After we spent a few days there we took a train to Italy. It was my first time being on a train traveling through countries and just in a train in general, i thought it was so cool. once we got to Italy it was freezing. A local Italian told us that this was the coldest winder they had is a while. To give you some context of how cold it became the water pipes froze and we didn't have water for showers and for the house we got. although it was cold in Italy that didn't stop us from touring the country. Some of the major cities we visited were Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan, we had visited other cities too. my favorite city in Italy was Venice by far, i enjoyed Venice the city was on water and it was just beautiful. Ever city we visited in Europe i fell in love with. it was an amazing experience learning and seeing the history of these people and the great wonders they left behind for the world to witness.

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