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Luz Hard at Work

Double Trouble

Smiles all around for Derneshia and Kayla.

Civic Center Library Profile

Janay getting foorage for the Civic Center Library profile.

Wacky Webstar

Nasima being silly.

Mercedes Posing

Mercedes posing for the camera.

Janay and Mercedes

Janay and Mercedes at their work stations.

Civic Center Profile

Janay filming the Civic Center Library profile.

Webstars @ Maker Camp

Webstars @ Google Maker Camp

Webstars @ Maker Camp

Nasima and Janay building a rocket launcher.


The Crew


Etienne Douglas

Etienne DouglasI am the Webstar Coordinator at the Marin City Library. I have been working for the Marin County Free Library for 10+ years. As the Webstar Coordinator I've mentored and taught over 25 high school age students from Marin in website creation, video editing, workplace skills, advanced computer skills, and college preparation. We have partnered with community organizations and individuals to create documentaries, promotion of events, and workshops focusing on learning technology.


Faheem Bassa

Faheem BassaHi my name is Faheem Bassa and I am a student at Tamalpais High School. I have been working in the Marin City Library as a Webstar for about four months now. Working as a Webstar is a great experience and very enjoyable. Working in the library gives me a chance to work with people which is one of the things I love to do, but it also gives me a chance to improve my communication skills with people. So far from working as a Webstar I have learned how to use Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Office related software’s. I am looking forward for all the assignments and projects that will get handed to me. Being a Webstar will help me to improve myself along with providing me with a bright future.

Adreaizana Cook

Adreaziana CookHello, my name is Adreaizana Cook and I am currently a freshman at Tamalpais High School. I became a Webstar almost a month ago and I am really looking forward to all the projects we'll be doing. Reading and assisting people are two of many interests so being a Webstar should be an interesting job. Not only is it a good way to gain experience in helping people for my future but you can also learn new things. So far, I've gained knowledge about Microsoft programs, Adobe Photoshop and much more. I am very grateful for the job and can't wait to see what the future holds.


Avossia Agbonkonkon

Avossia AgbonkonkonHi my name is Avossia; I am currently a student at Tam high. So far I really enjoy working here because it gives me a chance to help my community. While working here I worked in Photoshop, Adobe, and Publisher.  I really like the different assignments we do because it shows that you can still have fun while working. And last but not least it gives a better opportunity to do one of my favorite hobbies which is reading.


Janay Garrard

Janay GarradHello, my name is Janay Garrard, and I am a sophomore at Tamalpias High School. I have been a Webster here at the Marin City Library for about two months and already I enjoy it. Helping people is also something that interests me, so I knew that when started here, I'd find it fun and engaging. It can reflect on my future goals in a positive way too. Over the time that I've been here I have worked on Flash, Photoshop, and PowerDirector. I've enjoyed learning the new programs and software's that I didn't know much about before. Now I'm looking forward to building my own webpage and learning new projects.

Luz Morales

Ra’Jahnae Troupe

Ra'Jahnae TroupeHi I'm RaJahnae. I'm 15 years old, all my friends call me Raj. i have been a Webstar at the Marin City Library for only a few weeks now. I am a sophomore at Tamalpais High School. I enjoy meeting new people and helping people out. I actually like it here it gives you a chance and opportunity  to learn and try new things as you go forward. So far I've been working with Photoshop its fun and exciting. I'm looking forward to gaining more experience and preparing for my future and what's coming next.

Nasima Bassa

Hey, my name is Nasima and I'm a Webstar at the Marin City library. I'm a 16 year old junior at Tamalpais High School. I enjoy working here at the library. While working here, I learn many different things. I learn how to use Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Microsoft, and much more. I think that working here has taught me so much about the computer and the programs on it and this will help me a lot throughout my life. Also check out my web page.

Mercedes McMath

Hey, my name is Mercedes and I am currently 15 years of age until June 29! I live in Marin City which I have now been staying for a year. I was born and raised in Oakland, but I have lived in many other places as well. I love to dance, do hair, and eat. That's where "greedy" my nickname originated from, everytime you see me I will have a piece of food in my mouth, Well not everywhere! I am a very creative person and sometimes my imagination could be quite overwhelming.

Amir Montgomery

Amir MontgomeryHello my name is Amir I am a freshman at Tam. I enjoy meeting new people, spending time with family, and traveling. High school is a blast for me so far. I’ve only been a webstar for a few days now but I am enjoying it so far.t to me.

Thanh Lu

Thanh LuHello, my name is Thanh and I'm Vietnamese American. I've been working as a webstar for around 6 months and I enjoy it very much. Anyways, feel free to browse around my website. Enjoy and have a great day!!!

Jasmine Davis

Jasmine DavisHey! My name is Jasmine and I am one of the newest young members. I go to Tamalpais High school and I am in the 9 th grade (going on the 10 th). I recently finished training and I am now working on my website. It’s been a great success so far and I can’t wait to put it up. I’ve had lots of fun so far and have learned so much about computers, how to use them, different pieces, and now most definitely website working. I never imagined the work it took to make a website and now that I have experienced it I know that everything does not just come from the click of a button. My website is basically based on me and stuff about me. Things I like to do, and stuff that I like to see (like Bow wow and B2k). So, yeah I hope that you will also view my site when it is completed and published and you will be aware of it when it does happen. Check out my website here!

Danea Grayson

Hey! My name is Danea, and I am the newest Webstar! I’m in the 9 th grade at Tamalpais High. I have worked here for about a month and I like it. You can see my web page here!

Kenchunn Horton

Kenchunn HortonWhat's happenin! My name is Ken. I’m 17 years old and a senior at Tamalpais high school. I've been here for about a year now and I'm having a good time. I've learned how to create my own webpage, learned how to use photoshop, and I'm now learning how to use Macromedia Flash 5.I plan on taking what I've learned this past year here and using it towards future purposes.

Jack Davis

Jack DavisWhat’s Up? My name is Jack Davis. I am 16 years of age and currently enrolled as an 11 th grader at Tamalpais High School (about to be a Senior, 05’). As you may know I am a Web Star at the Marin City Library. During this experience I plan to learn more about computers, its hardware, and different software to better myself to help others and myself. One of the things I have already learned and am very proud of is my webpage. I have spent much time constructing it to make it #1 and I hope you enjoy it. Come see what’s up.

Beatra Hall

Beatra HallI'm Beatra Hall; I'm the senior WebStar around here. This has been a great experience for me and I've learned so many new things about computers. I've also learned so many things about the working environment. This is my last year and I hate to leave but I know I'll be prepared for most of the new things I come into contact with.

Kayla Thompson

Kayla ThompsonHello, my name is Kayla Thompson. I am 15 years old and attend Tamalpais High School. I enjoy meeting new people and working with computers. I also enjoy writing and painting. When I’m not at school or enjoying myself you can always find me at home listening to music. Want to know more check out my website.

Derneshia Morgan

Dernisha MorganHello! My name is Derneshia Morgan ! I am 15 years old and I go to Tamalpais High school! I am a sophomore well I will be when school starts again! My hobbies are writing poetry and talking on the phone! LOL ! My favorite colors are yellow, red, and orange. I love **JESUS CHRIST** ! I am just an out going person who loves to have fun and who hates drama. I plan to learn several computer skills and help people who need help. To learn more about me check my website out *muah* LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Janelle Denson

Janelle DensonHello. My name is Janelle Denson, but my friends and family call me Nellie. I attend Redwood High School and currently I am a senior (Bow Down '08!!!!!) While enjoying my senior year, I'm also doing one of my favorite hobbies...Dance. I've done ballet for eleven years and now take hip-hop at College of Marin for fun. I became a webstar this year in 2008 because I thought it would be good to make a little money before I go to college in the fall and start my new life.

Dosan Baik

Hi, I’m Dosan. I’m a senior at Tamalpais High School right now, and I help people at the library whenever they have computer questions. Maybe I can even help you if you come by.

Jameelah Ahmad

Jameelah AhmadI'm the newest adition to the webstar family and after many months of work my webpage is finally ready for view. It's not quite finished, but I hope you find it interesting. Look into it and learn more about myself, my family and those things that are most important to me.

Tuan Tiet

Tuan TietHow’s it going. My name is Tuan Tiet, I’m 17 years old, and I’m graduating from high school this year. If you need some help with computers and internet issues, check out my website and I’ll help you out. If you like movies, books, and the outdoors, check out my website also and see what I think of them.

Maya Gounard

Maya GounardHey there! I’m the newest WebStar. I’ve been working here for almost three weeks now. I'm having a great time learning new programs and software. Good news! My webpage is done. Okay it's not really done, I'm still working on some of the pages. but it is visit-able. Check it out!

Aubryn Brown

Aubryn BrownHey! My name is Aubryn Brown and I'm the new Webstar. Its only been a few days now and I'm already learning new and useful things that I can use in future job environments.

Tenika Small

Tenika SmallHey what's up? My name is Tenika Small and I have been a webstar for about 3 years now. What really attracted me to this program was the simple fact that we are a service to the people and we get to learn all types of computer programs. I love helping people and learning new things.

Natasha Ekunwe

Natasha EkunweHey everybody! My name is Natasha Ekunwe and i'm 16 years old. I'm going to be a junior at Novato High School! I enjoy playing basketball and listening to music and just hanging out with my friends! I've been a webstar since I was 14 so a little over two years now, so currently i'm the senior webstar :) even though I'm not the oldest. Well I've learned a lot so far being a webstar and if you want to get to know me a little better come Check out my new site!

Amir Ekunwe

Amir EkunweSup my name is Amir Ekunwe. I am 16 years old and I've been working as a WebStar for 1 year and 8 months. I attend school at Novato High School and am now a junior. I enjoying playing basketball and working with my music. Through the WebStar program I have learned real life work experiences and have received great knowledge about computer technology.



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